12 things I've learnt from a trackday triple header at Jerez:

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    12 things I've learnt from my trip to Jerez:

    1) Jerez is fast
    2) It's an easy track to learn
    3) But difficult to master
    4) The 749S is outgunned on the straights
    5) But unbeatable in the corners - it's so stable when cranked over on its ear
    6) Kneedown, slider kissing kerb through the sweeping Sito Pons right-hander feels epic
    7) Racetec K3s are phenomenal - quick to warm up, unbelievable levels of grip and durable...sticky, snotty fun
    8) I love trackdays and bikes, but both are cruel mistresses
    9) European trackdays rock - the riders are friendly, disciplined and fast
    10) The Telford boys we shared a garage with are some crew - you couldn't wish to meet a better bunch. My sides are still aching from laughing so much. As are my kidneys...
    11) Veal Roquefort is good
    12) Paella in Rota is better
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    Sounds like ya had a blast !

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