Bell Helmets to introduce integrated cameras

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    Bell Helmets and 360fly have joined forced to create a helmet with an integrated camera.

    The helmet will use a 360fly camera system which captures everything around the rider in 4k video resolution to creates a video that can be viewed from an immersive virtual-reality perspective.

    Thanks to a built-in GPS, altimeter/barometer, and accelerometer, the 360fly system is capable of overlaying telemetry data into its video, among a variety of other features. What really separates the unit from the rest though is what is in the pipeline from 360fly.

    The company says that with its 360° it can soon bring new technologies to motorcyclists, most chiefly the ability to alert the rider of possible collisions from objects outside the rider’s field of view.

    Why does this matter? This is hugely important – just think of the amount of riders you see with action cameras attached to their helmets, recording their ride to cover their arse. The issue with these cameras is what happens to them in the case of a spill; they often impact on the helmet itself and can cause all sorts of damage. Michael Schumacher was wearing an action camera in his skiing accident, and that penetrated his helmet causing serious injury.
    If Bell can successfully integrate a camera without compromising the helmet's integrity and protective qualities, then expect others to follow suit very quickly.

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