Eleven things I've learnt from this year's TT...

Discussion in 'Touring' started by Simon, Jun 9, 2018.

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    01) Hickman's 135mph lap was sensational, but every rider who races is a warrior and I salute every single one of them, regardless of where they finish...respect
    02) Bikes are a great leveller. It doesn't matter, what your background, or your social standing, we all have something in common
    03) It is possible to stab yourself in the nose and draw blood while eating a pizza, eh Yag?
    04) The scones at the Ballacregga Corn Mill are smaller and drier than previous years...disappointing
    05) There's nothing better than being told by a copper to 'go for it' from the Creg because he likes the look of the Tuono and he'd like to hear the V4 'given some'
    06) Speaking of which, the Tuono 1100 APRC may just be the best bike ever...comfortable, fast, nimble and THAT noise...stunning. Race mode has never felt so good. Thanks Griff
    07) The peanut butter cheesecake at The Forge is still out of this world
    08) There's nothing funnier than watching your mate stall it at the traffic light GP...than seeing him paddle round a corner in your mirrors because he can't restart it. Then learning he did it in front of an unmarked police car. Poor Flo...
    09) A BMW M3 at full chat on the island is a giggle a minute. And the noise on the overrun...mmmmmmmm
    10) The Steam Packet company still treats bikers with contempt. Why there's a need to line the bikes up so close together while waiting for the boat baffles me
    11) Racing is a cruel mistress, but everything should be done to protect the TT...if you've never been you won't understand, but if you have...

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