Five minutes with TT Zero winner Michael Rutter

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    Michael Rutter has taken his seventh career Isle of Man TT victory by successfully defending his TT Zero crown with Mugen setting a new lap record for the electric bikes. The Bathams Mugen rider kept clear of team-mate John McGuinness to win by 8.566s in the single-lap TT Zero race and set a new lap record of 121.91mph.

    We caught up with him after his win to talk about the kit that helps him achieve success...

    “I have been racing now for more than 30 years and I have been with Alpinestars for a good few years now. I can’t imagine wearing anything else; the fit and the feel with Alpinestars is extraordinary. It is a totally different level. If it wasn’t for Alpinestars I would have given up racing a long time ago. They are that good. Everything is done right.

    “I race with an airbag. I was nervous about racing with an airbag, but I then had a crash at Brands Hatch. It was just incredible. The standard suit is brilliant and I have never had a problem with it, but the extra security from an airbag suit gives you that bit more confidence. You see the light flashing before you head out, then it goes to green…it’s so reassuring.

    “I like the fact that the airbag and the back protector is all in one. I forget I have the system in the suit. Basically when you move on the bike it feels like you have room to move. It’s so unobtrusive but reassuring.

    “I have been coming to the TT since I was born. I watched my dad race here and win. The TT is everything for me. I have been here as many years as I can, and I’ve missed exams at school to be here. To win a TT, I never thought I would. I have been lucky enough to win a few TTs now. The TT is the ultimate in road racing. To go off at ten second intervals and race against the clock and the road, and then standing at the podium at the end when you’ve won a race is just incredible."

    “If I could ride any bike, it would be my RCV213 race bike. It’s phenomenal. The feel of the bike, the riding style, the engine and the sound of it is just fantastic. It’s like a mini MotGP bike for the road. I just wish I was 20 years younger to have a proper run out with it.”

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