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    After buying a completely standard RSV-R Factory, my first proper ride revealed a problem that the test ride hadn’t – the standard rearsets were playing havoc with my battered knees.

    After trawling the intent and various forums there were three answers – invest in a set of highend rearsets (Gilles), go down the Chinese option, or try some of Aprilia Performance’s custom rearsets. A chat with AP’s owner, the immensely knowledgeable and likeable Griff Woolley, and my mind was made up.

    The rearsets themselves are pure porn. Available in polished billet or hard anodised black finishes, they serve two purposes – as well as improving comfort by offering a myriad of fixing positions, they also relocate the rear brake master cylinder, thus sorting the Aprilia’s notorious rear brake issue.

    They can be adjusted up, down, forward and backwards from the standard Aprilia position, are adjustable for standard road and race patterns, and feature laser cut heel plates to stop your boots scratching the swingarm. Another neat touch is the deep cut knurling that stops your boots slipping.

    The rearsets are hand-built by Griff and his team in his workshop in Tamworth and each set is individually numbered for added exclusivity.

    They’re made a huge difference to the bike. As well as improving comfort in the saddle – they’ve made the bike truly all-day comfortable – they’ve also cured the bike’s lack of rear brake. If you’ve got an Aprilia then I recommend you give Griff a call, today. This might just be the best £260 you’ll ever spend. 01827 285500

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