MotoGP – Miller lashes out after Argentina shambles

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    Jack Miller has lashed out at race organisers after shambolic scenes at yesterday’s Argentina GP round saw the race delayed as confusion reigned supreme.

    The slick shod Australian poleman was the only rider on the grid as the rest of the field left the starting line-up seconds before the race was due to start to switch from wets to slicks.

    Chaos endured as the entire field, Miller aside, entered pitlane to change tyres, and race control decided to restart the race due to serious safety concerns, leaving the Pramac rider, who was still on the grid, angry and frustrated.

    Speaking after the race he said: “We went to the grid, and I felt it wasn't going to rain anymore and stayed out there on slicks. The others didn't feel that way, I guess – and they all peeled back into the pitlane and left me out there by myself.

    “For me, slicks was the way to go, there's no way we should have started on wets and the weather afterwards proved that. Once I saw how quickly the track and the pitlane were drying, it was for sure slick tyres. So the others all peel back in, I'm sitting there on pole position wondering where the hell everyone is, and then they delay the start by 15 minutes ...

    “Everyone else made the wrong call by choosing the wrong tyres; we didn't. So why I do I get penalised for that? I understand the guys in charge of the series are under a whole heap of pressure, but it's a shame for us because we made the right choice and got dicked around for it.

    “My tyres were pretty knackered towards the end of the race, but I'm more annoyed that I made two mistakes that almost certainly cost me a podium, or maybe even a victory. But saying that, I've just finished fourth in a race, it's the second-best result I've had in MotoGP, so there's a lot to be happy about.

    “Us motorcycle riders are wired to always want more and you can't help but think about that, but if you'd given me fourth from pole before the weekend started, I would have said 'you beauty, thanks' and snapped that up, and probably told you that you were dreaming too … So to have that happen was still pretty cool.”

    As you’d expect, the forthright Miller also had an opinion on the race’s other talking point – the clash between Repsol Honda’s Marc Marquez and Yamaha’s Valentino Rossi, which saw the Spaniard receive a penalty after ramming the Italian off the track.

    Miller said: “As you can imagine, everyone here has an opinion about Marquez’s race, and I don't even know if I've caught up with it all yet – I know about his incident with Rossi, but apparently there were more, even though that one will rumble on for probably, well, forever.

    “All I know is that when he came past me on lap two I was pretty happy, because it gave me someone to follow and a reference for how hard I could push, you're always a bit of a pioneer in the sketchy track conditions when you're out the front.

    “It was a bit disappointing when he had to pull in for the penalty off the start from that side of things. It's not often you see someone get penalised three times in 24 laps though, I'll say that.

    “On the grid, when he stalled it and then was going backwards, forwards, doing three-point turns or whatever he was doing, that was a bit weird. I was more thinking about my tyres and how they were cooling off waiting for him to get himself organised. 'What the hell are you doing?' was a polite version of what was going through my mind at the time …”

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