MotoGP: Ducati unveils 2019 livery

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    Ducati has unveiled its 2019 team colours at the Phillip Morris R&D Cube in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

    Sporting a very, very red livery, the design harks backs to the liveries of yore for the Italian brand, complete with Audi Sport logo and a barcode-esque Ducati Winnow logo on the side.

    As usual, Ducati remains tightlipped when it comes to actual details and figures about its race bikes, and instead quotes a ballpark peak power figure 'in excess of 250hp' for its Desmodromic V4 powerplant.

    The Audi Sport logo is big news; Audi was rumoured to have put Ducati up for sale at the table end of 2018, and the inclusion of the Audi Sport branding seems to imply that this is no longer the case.

    The 'Mission Winnow' has generated even more interest as Ducati continues to flout the sport's anti-tobacco advertising legislation. Philip Morris has remained Ducati's main MotoGP sponsor ever since the Italian factory entered the sport in 2003, despite no longer being allowed to run any Marlboro cigarette branding, and the Mission Winnow logo first appeared on the Ferrari F1 cars at last season's Japanese Grand Prix. and is a slogan used by Philip Morris to 'discard old approaches, learn from past mistakes and use them to shape our future'.

    The company is now pushing for a smoke-free future through its IQOS tobacco heating system, but Philip Morris emphasised that 'Mission Winnow' does not advertise or promote any PMI-branded products: "This is about passion."

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