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    The Shoei RYD is the aimed at younger riders and those who ride streetfighter and naked bikes.

    Sitting one step up from the company’s entry-level Qwest, the RYD features some pretty impressive spec – a fully removable comfort liner and Shoei’s new quick release visor and mounting plate, as used on the top-of-the-range X-Spirit III, which offers a more effective seal for enhanced warmth and quietness.

    The RYD has been extensively developed in the Japanese manufacturer’s own wind tunnel, and the results are optimised aerodynamic performance and airflow through the helmet’s interior. The latter is largely thanks to the chin vent, which sucks air in around the visor, as well as the two brow vents, with two exhausts at the rear which allow the warm air to escape.

    The visor itself promises to deliver a wide field of vision, and is protected by a high-spec Pinlock Evo anti-mist insert.

    The shell is a composite-fibreshell construction and inside there are recesses in the EPS liner to accommodate speakers, and it comes with additional pads which can be inserted into the recesses for riders wishing to damp out more noise.

    Available in white, grey, orange and matt or gloss black, the RYD will be available in Spring.


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