Featured New Kit: Alpinestars Missile Two-Piece Leather Suit for Tech-Air®; ready for the road and track

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    Alpinestars Missile Jacket and Pants pack a range of features taken straight from the company’s involvement in premier class racing to create a two-piece suit which blends race DNA protection with everyday functionality and comfort.

    Featuring class-leading protection inside and out, the Missile comes equipped with the ability to use Alpinestars active airbag technology, Tech-Air®, the world’s first completely electronic, self-contained upper body motorcycle airbag system with no bike-to-rider set-up configurations required. Using a sophisticated algorithm to detect crashes with accuracy and speed, Tech-Air® functions without the need for external sensors, including GPS, and can be used with any make or model of motorbike.

    The CE-certified Missile Jacket and Pants have been optimised for sports riders, and while it is a two-piece suit, it has a unique construction which allows the jacket and pants to join together with a middle connection, giving the aesthetics and silhouette of a one-piece suit.

    The jacket gives riders a host of benefits. As well as boasting durable 1.3mm bovine leather, the Missile Jacket incorporates many protective elements including heavy-duty DFS external dual density TPU sliders on the shoulder and GP-R protectors on the shoulder and elbow. There’s also an innovative new MotoGP-derived elbow slider, which features a removable and replaceable screw-mounted insert slider, to enhance abrasion resistance.

    It’s comfortable too; the jacket’s extensive stretch panels enable the rider to get a close and secure fit. Localised perforations take care of ventilation and internal airflow, while a full mesh liner adds convenience and breathability. Other neat touches include a 3D textured fabric collar, integrated padding, hook and loop cuff closure and an inner waterproof pocket.

    The Missile Jacket is designed to be paired with Alpinestars Tech-Air® Race airbag system, and comes with strech gussets on the arm and sleeves to accommodate the jacket’s inflated volume. The Tech-Air Race® vest comes with two settings, ‘Race’ and ‘Street’, and these can be easily and quickly swapped to give the rider the best protection on the track and on the road.

    The jacket can be paired with the CE-certified Missile Pants. The pants come with pre-curved legs and large accordion stretch fabric panels on the knee, and the knee section features a multi-layer construction complete with reassuringly proven CE-certified GP-R protectors.

    Tech-Air® airbag system:

    This suit is built to accept the Race Airbag System, which is purchased separately, installs easily and does not require any external sensors to operate. Should it detect the start of a crash, it will deploy a protective airbag, providing unrivaled protection to the rider’s full back, shoulders, kidney area and chest.

    The garment is designed with stretch gussets on the arm and sleeves to accommodate the jacket’s inflated volume without compromising seam strength or material integrity. The jacket’s ergonomic design means that it can be worn without the airbag system for a versatile, personalised fit.

    An LED display on the sleeve indicates the airbag’s operational status, while internal housing located in the built-in CE-certified back protector accommodates the system ECU allowing the Tech-Air® vest to be installed in any compatible Alpinestars jacket.

    The system is smart too: extensive research and testing on the road and track have allowed us to refine the triggering algorithms, allowing the system to accurately assess when to deploy ahead of an impact.

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