Road racing: top five viewing spots to witness the very best of the TT

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    The TT offers spectators the chance to get incredibly close to the action, so close that you can feel the grass being pushed towards the track as the racers rush by. Here are the top five viewing spots:
    • Conker Trees: This section of the course is great for experiencing the raw power of a superbike; fifth gear, big lean angles and wheelies galore. Plenty of space to view with good facilities…try the Malteser cake.
    • Railway Hotel, Union Mills: This spot allows you to follow the bikes as they tip left, right and left again, laying long layers of rubber as the riders muscle the bikes on to the straight towards the Crosby.
    • The Gooseneck: One of road racing’s classic corners. You’ll literally be able to reach out and touch the riders as they tip right to tackle the Mountain course. Expect lots of knee down action.
    • Cronk Y Voddy: A straight where the bikes will max out, front wheel pawing the air as the bikes skip over the many crests. Spectacular.
    • Bray Hill: Fast. Ridiculously fast, with bikes bottoming out as they race through Stoney Road. Has to be seen to be believed.

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