Supersports – Honda to kill off the CBR600RR

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    Honda has signalled the first death knoll for the supersport class after announcing that it is set to discontinue the Honda CBR600RR.

    The main reason behind Honda’s decision seems to be the fact that the bike doesn’t meet the strict Euro 4 emission standards, and that demand for the pocket rocket is now so low it doesn’t justify the investment and updates required to make it Euro 4 compliant.

    It’s worth pointing out here that Euro 4 emissions only apply to bikes sold in the European Union, but dwindling sales worldwide in the 600cc supersport class means Honda sees no point in releasing an all-new model.

    The move reflects Honda’s lack of investment in its sportsbike range in recent times – the Fireblade was last updated in 2008 and has only received minor tweaks since then, while the CBR600RR was last updated in 2007.

    It’s a shame – the CBR600RR is a criminally underrated bike. I did 24,000 miles in six months on a CBR600RR-ABS long-term test bike in 2010, and I enjoyed every mile…right up until the bike dropped a valve. I have many positive memories and can pretty much remember every single mile. It takes a lot for a bike to have that effect on me….RIP baby Blade.

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