Ten things I've learnt from Jerez

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    1) A 749S Ducati gets mullered on the straights
    2) But claws the lost time back in the corners
    3) The track takes about two hours to dry
    4) A 2008/2009 Blade can still hold its own against the very newest Panigales, ZX10s, S1000RRs
    5) Turn 5 can be taken in fourth...may be even fifth
    6) Duct tape is THE essential garage accessory – it can fix almost everything
    7) It's not prudent to take a bike on track that's not been checked for three years
    8) Half a second matters to grown men – it's enough to make them cry
    9) A&P Plant stickers are rarer than rocking horse shit...proper factory
    10) Six bricks is the hourly rate for brickies in the Telford area
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