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    This one-piece suit is fully CE-certified in its entirety, not just in specific areas, and every part of the garment conforms to the CE standard En 13595-1 for riding safety – a first for Alpinestars.

    As you’d expect from a CE-certified suit, it boasts some pretty impressive spec. The suit is made from high grade, highly abrasion resistant 1.3mm leather, which is reinforced in the impact zones (bum, hips and elbows) and it’s full of technology proven in MotoGP and WSBK including the familiar sturdy plastic external armour on the shoulders, knees and elbows to stop the suit gripping the tarmac in the event of a spill. Then there’s the removable CE armour that sits below the leather on the shoulders, elbows, knees, hips, tibia and shins.

    But all that protection is as good as useless if the suit doesn’t fit properly, and it’s here that the Atem excels. The stretch panels on the chest, crotch and back of the legs works together with the accordion panels on the shoulders, lower back, elbows and knees to ensure the suit fits properly. It means I could drop down a size to get a proper snug fit.

    Other features include the ubiquitous aerodynamic speed hump, extensive perforations on the upper and lower body and hump for improved ventilation, neoprene on the collars and cuffs to prevent chafing, a removable liner and a clever 3D mesh that allows a pocket of air to sit between you and the leather, which makes the suit extremely breathable.

    I’ve ridden some 3500 miles in it over a week’s touring in the Ardennes taking in a couple of trackdays in Mettet and Folembray, and it was just as comfortable on the roads as it was scratching around the circuits. The venting is really effective and the suit itself is really comfortable – all the armour sits exactly where it should do. The only issue some may have is that the cuffs are larger than on other suits, meaning you may have to compromise on the gloves you wear.

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