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    I bought this lid last year online after my trusty Dainese helmet finally gave up the ghost, and I’ve got to say, I’m impressed. It initially felt tight, really tight, when I first tried it on in the shop, but the sales rep convinced me it would bed in, and I’m pleased I took his advice – after some six months of wear it now fits me like a dream; snug without being uncomfortable.

    The longest I’ve worn this in one hit is eight hours, and I still felt fresh; no headaches, no pressure points. I’ve worn this exclusively for recreational rides and it works well in all weathers – the lining is comfortable, the vents are powerful and work, and the Pinlock does a decent job of ensuring the visor stays mist free.

    Another great thing about this ‘budget’ Arai is the wide visor aperture which allows great peripheral vision, essential when filtering.

    The shell is made of Super Fibre Construction (SFC) with a triple density inner shell as well as enhanced strengthening of the lower section, and retains Arai’s trademark smooth shell to offer the best protection through its enhanced ‘glancing off ’ properties – the theory is that a smoother shape spreads the impact load across the whole helmet and thus helps reduce the amount of energy transferred to a rider’s brain in a spill. I haven’t tested this yet, and I have no intention of doing, but it’s reassuring to know.

    The only thing I don’t like is the visor change mechanism. It’s horrible. It sounds like you’re going to break it.
    Look online and bag yourself a bargain, there are some incredible deals about, and there’s a colour scheme to suit you.
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