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    BMW’s smallest adventure-styled bike is powered by a single cylinder, 47bhp, 652cc engine, and while it isn’t the most powerful unit out there, it’s plenty for everyday road riding.

    It will easily handle the commute to work, and the willing engine makes overtaking a doddle. However, push on above 70mph and you’ll start to experience the trademark vibrations associated with big single engines. It is frugal though, and if you resist the urge to thrash it you’ll be seeing very healthy fuel returns – average fuel consumption is an impressive 62mpg.

    The GS’s combination of skinny tyres and wide handlebars mean it’s very agile, and it turns in easily and predictably with the slightest nudge of the bars – perfect for green laning and attacking your favourite set of bends.

    It’s well designed too – the upright seating position is relaxed yet gives a commanding view of the road ahead, the screen is effective, and the seat, while low, is all-day comfortable.

    Options worth considering include ABS brakes, which will inspire even more confidence, and heated grips.

    This is a great, no frills, honest first bike, and is the perfect machine for allowing new riders to hone their skills.

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