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    I’ve always had good experiences with Drift cameras; they’re compact, aerodynamic, discreet and the footage itself is superb – colours are crisp and it captures loads of detail, and there’s no ‘fish-eye’ effect at the edge of the frame.

    However, after two years of testing we’ve discovered a problem with the mounts – the cameras are prone to working lose and simply unscrew themselves from their secure housing.

    This very thing has happened to me this autumn. Prior to every ride, I religiously check the camera is fixed securely in its mount, yet on a ride to enjoy Bardney Bends the forward facing camera mounted on the side of the bike simply unwound itself and made a desperate bid for freedom. Luckily, this was captured by the rear facing camera, and thanks to the wonder of social media, I managed to track the camera down. Unsurprisingly it was battered, and even though the battery was still working, the lens had cracked and the housing had taken a beating.

    We’ve contacted Drift and they say it’s the riders duty to check the cameras are secure before riding. Admittedly, we were riding a big twin on the day, but we’ve repeated the test on an inline 600, and the same thing happened.

    Some online research suggest sticking tape inside the mount acts as a cushion and spares the house from the worst of the engine’s vibrations. We’ll be looking into this and will let you know how we get on…

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