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    This sat nav is the midrange model in Garmin’s range and is full of useful features. In use it’s impressive – the 97mm x 56mm glove-friendly touchscreen is big enough to make it easy to see and follow directions, the routing is efficient and it’s quick at calculating a new route should you miss a turn.

    The LM in the name stands for Lifetime Maps, which means you’ll regularly get updated maps, and the 350 comes with complete mapping for Western Europe.

    I’ve been using this for some two years now and I’m impressed, especially with the battery life, which lasts a whopping five-and-a-half hours – easily enough to get you to your destination. It’s sturdy too…it fell off the bike half-way up a mountain pass in Ireland and after bouncing a couple of times it suffered nothing more than a minor scratch. Other handy features include genuine GPS speed, accident blackspot warnings, lane assist at complex junctions and points of interest; useful for finding eateries and petrol stations.

    In fact the only issue I have had with the unit was when I was running on vapour in the middle of nowhere in Ireland and it took me to a non-existent petrol station. I eventually ran out of fuel after some 20 miles of riding round in circles in the middle of nowhere as it tied itself in knots. Having said that, this was a prototype model.

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