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    This brilliant waterproof rucksack has accompanied me everywhere over the past five years – eight days touring around Ireland, 10 days riding through Scandanavia and northern Europe, long weekends watching the racing at Le Mans, Brno, Assen and the Sachsenring, a week at the TT, and countless other getaways – and it’s performed faultlessly every single time.

    All Kriega’s gear is designed by a team of bikers, for bikers, and it shows – this is a high quality rucksack that is comfortable, tough and built to munch miles without any discomfort.

    As the name suggests, the R30 has a capacity of 30 litres and is large enough to easily swallow a laptop and change of clothes for the daily commute, or several changes of clothes and spare visor and gloves for trips further afield.

    The main compartment features a roll-top closing mechanism, which is then secured into place with two side clips. It’s a simple but very effective mechanism and has two advantages – it makes the bag very easy to pack, and it makes it totally waterproof. There are also two decent sized outer pockets, but these are water resistant only and do let water in during prolonged heavy downpours, sturdy and easy to use zips and a useful internal pocket for carrying important items such as passport etc.

    The beauty of this rucksack is that it can easily be adjusted to suit your needs – not carrying so much? Simply pull the six cinch-straps tight and the bag’s contents stay securely in place.

    But it’s in comfort terms that this rucksack really shines. Kriega’s clever harness system distributes the weight evenly, which means you don’t notice you’re wearing it. This, combined with the thick back padding mean it’s truly all-day comfortable. I’ve worn it for some long, 13-hour days in the saddle and got off the bike at the end of the day still feeling relatively fresh.

    This bag is some five years old now and must have covered some 60,000-plus miles but you wouldn’t know it to look at it. There’s a bit of scuffing on the outer reflective patch on the back of the rucksack but that aside it still looks like new, which is a testament to the quality materials and construction. Kriega are so confident in the product that they’ve given it a 10-year guarantee. Enough said.

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