Tested – Metzeler K3 Racetec

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    These tyres are phenomenal – I'm still struggling to get my head around just how good they are.

    I've just come back from three days on track at Jerez – and they excelled in the wet and greasy morning conditions as well as in the supper hot and muggy afternoon sessions.

    They're performance is staggering – they're very quick to warm up and allowed me to to push hard within half a lap. And once they're up to working temperature they're superb; they're stable and offer supreme levels of confidence inspiring grip. And the amount of heat they generate and retain is astounding.

    They're durable too. After two wet mornings and two dry afternoons, and one hot day on track they're just about shagged, but then again they're covered some 450 hard miles and they've not torn and have worn equally across the whole carcass.

    These tyres perfectly suit the 749S in the damp and in the dry, allowing me to lay long darkies through the long Sito Pons right-hander on the final day.

    If this comes across as some kind of love letter to the Racetec's then I make no apologies – they're great and are the best rubber I've yet tested. They're epic. Try some for yourself, and if you're not impressed I'll give you your money back.
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