Tested – Metzeler Racetec M7 RR

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    This sporty rubber from German powerhouse Metzeler, sister company of the mighty Pirelli, has been designed ‘for sporty riders who use their machines in all conditions’. The tyres themselves have impressed in the four months I’ve had them. They’ve done three trackd ays, umpteen laps of the TT, too many motorway miles and their fair share of brisk B-road scratching, offering loads of feel and a huge amount of traction in all conditions. They’re also confidence inspiring in the wet, rolling smoothly and
    predictably into the corners, giving loads of feedback and plenty of warning before things threaten to go sideways.
    The M7 RR’s performance can be attributed to Metzeler drawing heavily from the lessons learnt from its experience in road racing in events such as the Isle of Man’s Tourist Trophy, the Ulster GP and
    the NW200. The tyre features a radial carcass made of rayon that is wrapped in a zero-degree steel belt with Metzeler’s Interact technology that varies tension across the width of the tyre for progressive and predictable handling across the range of angle and load. The profile has been adjusted to offer a lighter turn-in and a broader footprint when cornering, while the carcass itself boasts an all-new silica compound – the front features 100 per cent silica on the outside
    layer while the rear has shoulders that feature 100 per cent silica but with an inside strip that has a mix of 20 per cent central compound and 70 per cent silica. This centre band is some 45mm wide and
    has been designed to operate over a broader temperature range for more stability, control and mileage. And then there’s the new tread, with the grooves shifting more water compared to its predecessor, the SPORTEC M5.
    And it’s the combination of performance with durability that has impressed most. I’ve ridden in some greasy, spring conditions, a proper wet motorway slog to Bristol and some gloriously sticky summer evening’s blats along my favourite stretches of tarmac, and the tyres have performed impeccably – they’re quick to warm up, offer loads of grip and tip in predictably and accurately. And they seem to go on forever. It’s only now, after some 4000 miles of hard riding, that their performance has started to significantly drop as they’ve started to square off. The highest compliment I can give them is that I’m going to replace them like for like.

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    Totally agree with the above . The perfect all rounder !

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