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    If these racy gloves look like they’ve had a harder life than most summer gloves might, it’s because they have – they’re pretty much my default glove for all but the very wettest or coldest of rides.

    They’re made out of a mixture of kangaroo, treated cow hide and goat hide, and feature a whole host of state-of-the-art protection taken derived from crashtastic rider Randy De Puniet’s experiences in MotoGP – Kevlar stitching, Superfabric, titanium armour on the knuckles and dual-compound hard sliders. They also feature Rev’It’s clever double cuff fastener which has titanium armour on the outer.

    On the bike they’re reassuringly protective while being supple enough to offer good feel at the bars and levers. And that double cuff makes getting the glove on and off easy, while also ensuring that they’re not going to go anywhere once they’re on.

    They crash well too. I had a high speed off in these at Oulton and a low-speed off at Rivington and everything worked as it should – the gloves didn’t grip the tarmac. (The theory is that by allowing your hand to slide, the energy generated by the crash should be transmitted to your elbow, where your suit’s armour should be much stronger).

    These were Rev’It’s top-of-the-range glove, but they’ve recently been superseded by their Jerez Pro gloves, which is available from £225. This should mean that you’ll find the originals are heavily discounted online.

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