Tested: Daytona Evo Voltex

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    There’s a reason these boots are so popular with road racers – they’re brilliantly protective. True, they will never win an award for their good looks, but get past the aesthetics and you’ll discover a boot that is among the best in the world.

    The secret to their superior protective qualities is Daytona’s two-boots-in-one system – essentially a rigid inner boot which sits in a tough outer boot. The inner boot itself has been designed to be non-twisting, and is made from tough plastic with a hinged joint and Gore- Tex breathable lining, while the outer is made from leather and features metal toe sliders and a thick, reinforced sole.

    As much as the focus of these boots is on comfort, they’re also supremely comfortable. The adjuster at the calf and the Velcro straps on the inner boot allow you to adjust the fit to suit your kit and the temperature, giving you the option to wear them just as comfortably over leathers or under textiles. And despite its thickness, the sole is just as comfortable on the bike as it off it.

    Another feature which makes these boots standout is Daytona’s full factory rebuild service allows
    virtually every part of the boot to be replaced when it becomes worn out. Yes, they’re expensive, but you’re paying for quality – these boots will last you for at least 10 years.
    £629.99, www.tranam.co.uk.
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    I have a pair of the Daytona security gp and I love them knowing my feet are well protected

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