Tried & Tested: Alpinestars GP PRO 1-PC suit

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    This brilliant set of vented leathers has seen Alpinestars pull themselves out of the doldrums after a fair few years of producing mediocre suits. They’ve taken a proper battering after a high-speed low side at a wet and greasy Oulton Park, and I’m happy to report that they crash well.

    I lost the front of the bike at speed tipping into Old Hall Corner and slid for eight seconds before coming to a crumpled halt, and everything performed exactly as it was designed to – the heavy-duty plastic external armour on the knees shoulders and elbows took the force of the impact, ensuring I kept moving and that nothing dug in to the ground. The CE-approved armour on the forearms, shins and knees stayed in place and although the 1.3mm thick leather took a pounding on the arse, thighs and forearms as I slid along the tarmac, it don’t hole, tear or burst. In fact, the only injury I suffered was friction burns on my thighs and forearms, and most of the damage on the forearm seems top have been caused by the CE armour inside the suit wearing the leather out from the inside.

    In short this is a comfortable, brilliantly protective suit and I wouldn’t hesitate to wear the same model again. And the best bit is you can now pick it up online for just £500.

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