Yard Built VMAX 'CS_07 Gasoline' breaks cover

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    Monocoque masters it roCkS! from Portugal are back to kick off 2016 in style with their third Yard Built project, based on the legendary Yamaha VMAX.

    For their latest Yard Built creation Osvaldo and Alex wanted to emphasise the VMAX's sport credentials by enhancing and exploiting its drag racing capabilities. As with all their builds, the ‘CS_07 Gasoline’ gets the trademark monocoque unit, although as the VMAX fuel tank is located under the seat, the unit features a false fuel tank. The unit is hand crafted from metal sheet and gives the bike a sleeker, slimmer and sportier profile with a retro style.

    The drag racer influence is clear to see with the massive slick rear Mickey Thomson tyre and handmade stainless steel 4 -2 headers connecting to a custom free flow SC Project exhaust system with carbon silencers.

    The CS_07 ‘Gasoline’ rides on custom made spoke wheels, 3.5x18 front with 120/70x18 Dunlop rubber and a 6.0x18 rear for the drag strip tyre. The stock tacho is kept but comes in a custom aluminium housing and the standard fuel tank is replaced with a beautiful custom aluminium unit with it roCkS!bikes motif. A metal hand crafted fairing ensures slippery aerodynamics for the ¼ mile and LSL footpeg adapters and clip-ons put the rider in the correct position. A Rizoma fuel cap and K&N air filter add some extra bling and Brembo brake and clutch master cylinders complete the look.

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